About Us

HARINDER INDUSTRIES P. LTD. is a TENAC GROUP COMPANY – established in 1970. HIPL captured a major share of bulb holders as tier-2 OEM supplier in 1985. The company is diversified into Automotive Switch, Trailer Connectors, Wire Harnesses, Plastic Molding parts, Electronics (Flashers, Relays etc.), Glow plugs and Sheet metal parts as a progressive OEM supplier. In 2000 the company launched exclusive electrical switches, plugs & sockets, flashers and relays, to become one of the leading OEM suppliers in Tractor & Trailer segment. Our products enjoy up to 90% of the OE market share.

HIPL business portfolio consists of auto electrical for various vehicle segments, Gensets, and home appliances segment. These are various types of switches, flashers, relays, sensors, CDI & RR units, trailer parts like 7 pin plug & socket, wiring harness, battery & Jumper cables, mobile charger & socket, fuse box, control cables & plastic molding parts. OEM supplier to >20 vehicle and Genset manufactures.

HIPL has 3 units in Delhi, Haryana and Uttarakhand. The company has invested in technologies to ensure that key manufacturing processes are done on the world class manufacturing equipments and the products are validated/ tested for reliability and durability. In-house design, tool room & poke-yoke with low cost automation not only help us in keeping control of quality but also help in faster development and competitiveness. Latest lean manufacturing concepts with value engineering approach makes us more cost competitive & better quality product supplier.

All this is possible through highly dedicated, motivated and competitive team lead by Professionals who have long professional experience in OEM’s and MNC’s. The group has plans to become a global OEM supplier, the key young members of the management done engineering & management education in Britain.

The group members are inculcated with a focused approach on customer satisfaction with commitment to deliver quality product at competitive prices. The group plans to join a technology partner for launching innovative cost competitive products for the automotive industry in India with the theme of “Innovation as growth driver”